Peterbilt 12 Incandescent Light Front Air Cleaner Brackets Visor

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Stainless Steel Peterbilt 12 Incandescent Glass Light Front Air Cleaner Brackets with Visor Bezel


  • Available in Amber or Dark Amber Glass
  • Available Styles : Watermelon, Beehive or Original


  • Sold in Pairs with Lights and Stainless Bezels with Visor
  • Air Clear Bracket Cutouts Only Available Separately UP30988-1
  • Stainless Visor Bezel Available Separately UP10474
  • Lights Available Separately :
    • UP30521 - Original Style in Dark Amber
    • UP30301 - Original Style in Amber
    • UP30522 - Beehive Style in Dark Amber
    • UP30309 - Beehive Style in Amber
    • UP30523 - Watermelon Style in Dark Amber
    • UP30312 - Watermelon Style in Amber


  • Fits Most Peterbilt Makes and Models


  • United Pacific
  • 6 Month Warranty