Maverick Deluxe Polishing Package



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Maverick Deluxe Polishing Package - This Kit Contains All Of The Necessary Items For A Specialty Buffing And Polishing Session. The Blue Buff And Blend Disc Leaves Close To About A 180 Grit Making It Appropriate For Prepping Any Wheel Prior To Polishing. The Satin Airway Is Great For Removing Hash Marks Left By The Blue Buff And Blend Disc. It Leaves A Finish Between 320 And 400 Grit. The Orange Buffing Wheel Paired With the Tripoli Rouge Will Bring Out A Surface Sanded At 400 Grit. Then The Softer Yellow Buffing Wheel Is Paired With The Green Rouge That Will Bring Out A Deep High-Clarity Shine. The White Finishing Buffing Wheel Paired With The Blue Rouge Will Provide A Show-Quality Finish. Rebel Red Liquid Metal Polish Is An Easy Way To Keep The Shine Lasting Between High-Speed Polishes. Available In 8 Inch Or 10 Inch Packages.


  • Package Contains:
  • (2) 8" or 10" Orange 16 Ply Buffing Wheels
  • (2) 8" or 10" Yellow 16 Ply Buffing Wheels
  • (1) 8" or 10" Domet Flannel 16 Ply Buffing Wheel
  • (1) 8" Surface Prep Buff & Blend Disc
  • (1) 8" Satin Airway
  • (1) Premium Tripoli Rouge Bar
  • (1) Premium Green Rouge Bar
  • (1) Premium Blue Rouge Bar
  • (1) Safety Flange
  • (1) Buffing Wheel Rake
  • (1) Rebel Red Liquid Metal Polish


  • Sold As Kit


  • For Most Makes and Models


  • Maverick Abrasives