Classic / FLD Condo 16 1/2 Inch Visor



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Roadworks Classic / FLD Condo Blank Visor - 16.5 Inch Drop Visor - No Lights Included with Visor or Choose Lighting Option Add-On - More Light Options Available - Call for More Details


  • Stainless Steel
  • Available in Blank, With 8 Combo Holes or 2 Inch Round Light Holes or 10 3/4 Inch Bullseye Light Holes
  • Lighting Options Available as Add-On: 2 Inch Light Kits - Come With Lights, Grommets, Bezels and 2 Prong Wiring Harness, M1 Light Kits - Come With Lights and Bullet Plug Wiring Harness, or Bullseye Light Kit - Comes With Lights and Bullet Plug Wirirng Harness


  • Sold as Kit
  • No Lights Included


  • Fits Most Freightliner Classic Makes and Models
  • Fits Freightliner FLD Condo & Mid-Roof


  • Roadworks
  • 1 Year Warranty