Buffing Wheel Rake For Metal Polishing



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Buffing Wheel Rake For Metal Polishing


  • A Buffing Wheel Rake Is Used To Clean Up The Edge Of A Buffing Wheel While It's Running On A Lathe Or An Angle Grinder
  • Rakes Last A Very Long Time And You Can Replace Just The Metal Filler If Required Instead Of The Whole Handle
  • The Buffing Wheel Should Be Spinning At It's Normal Speed And The Rake Should Be Held Securely When Held Up To A Stationary Bench Grinder Or Lathe
  • On A Grinder, Please Exercise Caution When Raking
  • We Recommend Using Your Feel To Hold The Rake To The Ground And Holding The Angle-Grinder To The Rake To Remove Compound And Soften The Edges
  • When Too Much Compound Is Applied To The Buffing Wheel It Can Harden And Burn Onto The Edge OF The Buff
  • This Reduces The Efficacy Of The Buffing Wheel And The Rake Is Used To Remove this Compound Build Up
  • If You Notice A Significant Decrease In The Residual Aluminum Dust Build Up Around The Metal Surface While Building Rake The Buff And Apply A Small Amount Of Compound


  • Sold Each


  • Fits Most Makes and Models


  • Maverick Abrasives